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Student Success Testimonials

�I started the Dental Assisting course not knowing exactly what to expect. My instructor, Dawn Klein, told us that we would be trained in current Dental practices and then placed in a dental office to work in an externship program. My hope was to be placed in an Oral Surgery office, though my instructor said most students are placed in general dentistry practices. I found my classroom experience to be very valuable, and I learned the skills I needed to get a job as a Dental Assistant. Imagine my surprise when my instructor told me that I would complete my externship in an Oral Surgery practice! I learned so many new skills on the job, and seemed to fit right in. When I completed my training, I was offered a job as a Dental Assistant in the same office that I trained in, and Dr. Spoolstra has encouraged me to go on to become an Oral Surgery Assistant. Thanks to Southeast ROP, I have this exciting new career!�
� Patty Sawasaki

�Patty was able to jump right in and has become a valuable asset in our office. We just couldn�t let her leave when her training was over, so we hired her. She really created this position by becoming a part of our team�
� Stephanie Spoolstra, Office Manager

�Patty is the type of person who learns by watching and then was able to complete each task with enthusiasm and professionalism. Patty shows compassion and the ability to connect to each patient she assists with. We are thrilled to have her on staff.�
� Dr. Albern Spoolstra



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