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Student Success Testimonials

First Step

My name is Ken De Gala, 21 years of age, and I graduated fr om Gahr High School in 2004. I am currently attending Mt. San Antonio College working on my Associates Degree in Fire Science. When I was in high school my mind was set on nursing or anything in the medical field. When I heard about the

First Responder class that was going to take place at Gahr High School I immediately took the opportunity to get in the class the following year. The First Responder Medical class was very informative and hands on. The class covered Body Substance Isolation (BSI) to stabilizing impaled objects. The scenarios that were given to us were very moving and very reality based. It created the same adrenaline that happens when you get a call or respond to a person that is ill or injured.

Before I graduated high school I earned different certification from this class. I have been on a ride along many times just to experience what I wanted to be. I wanted to be the first on scene and be the one to treat the patient. I have seen that Firefighters are first on scene and treat the patients on the field. I know that I want to become a Firefighter. Now I am a volunteer firefighter for Riverside County Fire Department doing what career personnel are doing. I would not be here doing what I'm doing without the ROP First Responder class, from that classroom, my career began before I even knew it.

The First Responder certification I have received from ROP was the very first and biggest step I have taken towards my career. With this certification I had something to put on the table, in case they asked what I have done towards my career. From my coaching at Gahr High School to volunteer firefighting my First Responder Certification got me a step closer toward my career and a step closer to my dream.

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