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Role of Education in Your Lifestyle

Literacy may be defined differently by different people and at different times of history. In the modern society, the word is used to refer to the ability to read and write. In the early stages of language development, the word literacy was used to mean the ability to communicate oneself. Communication is the exchange of information whether oral or written to convey the meaning to another person. Literacy level is associated with the knowledge levels of a group in a given time. Lifestyle is defined as the way of living by a group of people, an individual or culture. To study in Turkey, one need to have a Turkey visa to facilitate their stay in the country.

Education has contributed highly to the lifestyle of the various people worldwide. A higher rate of education penetration amongst the population means a better standard of living. Various researches have showed that those students who participate in sports are not only good in sports, but also in their studies. There is also a correlation between the level of education and the level of life skills one have. A high achieving student will reflect a higher level of life skills, proper planning and time management. This is mostly seen from the level of discipline the students have in balancing their studies and sports.

The health lifestyle of an individual is greatly affected by their level of studies. In a research that was carried out by infographs, it was depicted that families with graduates have lower chances of being affected by poor lifestyle diseases. Some of these diseases are as a result of malnutrition and poor diets. Where the head of the family is a college graduate the level of lifestyle is expected to be high. A significance influence will take place in such families and thereby affect their kids to adopt similar lifestyles. Healthy habits are as a result of healthy lifestyle which in most cases is affected by the level of education.

Expectancy level is also correlated to the level of education. This is so because, when the level of education is high, the level of healthy lifestyle is also high, and as result a high life expectancy level. Peer education is another factor that affects lifestyle of students. There is a correlation between the extent of peer education and the behavior of the students. This in return affects their moral status in the society and thus a change in the lifestyle. Societal morals are as a result of the education that is embraced by the community.

Psycho-graphic, which is the study of an individual’s personality, interests, attitudes, opinions and lifestyle shows a close relationship between the level of education and consumer behavior. Different individuals have different tastes in terms of purchasing power. These tastes and preferences are affected by the lifestyle one opts to live. Living in a new environment also affects the lifestyle of an individual. For instance, a foreign student taking studies in Turkey will have a higher chance of adopting the lifestyle of Turkish communities. Consumers also tend to reflect their lifestyles in the buying of the various commodities.

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